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Liposuction Nuremberg

Liposuction Data

  • Operating Time depending on the body zone
  • Sedation local anaesthesia / conscious sedation
  • Clinic Stay 1 day
  • Cost from € 2,000* depending on the region, upper arms: from € 3,000*, knees: from € 2,200*, hips: from € 3,100*
  • Aftercare 6 weeks
  • Stitch removal none
  • Presentable after 1 week
  • Sports after 6 weeks

Liposuction | Nürnberger Klinik

For Beautifully Formed Contours

The desire for beauty is a human constant: 

Since the beginning of time, human beings have reflected about what constitutes beauty and its positive effects on disposition, mood and joie de vivre - in a word, how beauty will change life for the better. 

Whenever fat pads are an issue, there are proven as well as innovative methods available to target precisely those areas where unwanted lipocells tend to accumulate. These treatments can be subsumed unter the term "Liposuction".

Interesting information about liposuction

Even sportive people will quickly encounter the limits of shaping their body silhouette. The subcutaneous tissue that's so frequently unduly prominent cannot really be influenced by sports nor by dieting. 

This is where liposuction comes into its own, achieving visible amendments of the body contours by means of closely monitored and precise intervention - in exactly those places where it is desired.

Prominent among them:
• Hips
• Buttocks
• Thighs, outer side ("jodhpurs")
• Thighs, inner side
• Knees, inner side
• Calves / ankles
• Stomach
• Back
• Lateral chest wall
• Chin ("double chin")
• Upper arms

Our clinic can offer both long-standing experience and careful performance - prerequisites for desirable body shaping and satisfying results.

Whatever else you'd like to know - including potential risks and the details of this procedure - we'd like to discuss with you in a personal consulting session. 

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment.