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Lip widening at a glance

Operating time1 hr
Sedationgeneral anaesthesia
Clinic stay0–1 day
Costsfrom 2,500 €*
Aftercare1–2 weeks
Stitch removalafter 5–7 days
Presentableafter 1–2 weeks
Sportsafter 2–6 weeks

*Prices include 19% VAT.

For a beautiful smile

Full lips are a desirable goal, and for a harmonious overall appearance of the mouth and the face as a whole it can often be helpful to also enlarge the contours of the mouth. This can be done at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by means of a lip widening.

The effect of lip widening may well improve one’s own feeling of wellbeing as well as one’s aura towards other people, fundamentally and sustainably – after all, no one likes to be regarded as tight-lipped, a synonym for being strict, pinched, and obdurate.

In contrast to the lip enlargement, we at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conduct the lip widening not by bolstering the volume of the lips or by means of injections, but we will actually increase the red area of the lips.

Your Experts for Lip Widening

FAQ on Lip Widening

Who may benefit from a lip widening?

Lip widening at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is interesting for everybody who has very small lips and would like to change this. The reason for the thin lips may be genetical, i.e. the person was born with small lips. In most cases, however, small lips appear with advancing age – either because you had to “clench your teeth” for years and years (e.g. due to a stressful job or family worries), or quite simply because time will leave its traces.

Fortunately, nobody has to simply resign themselves to this, but you can actively counteract the toll of time and have a lip widening performed at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

How do we conduct a lip widening?

During the lip widening, a slim strip of skin, about 3mm wide, will be removed along the edge of the red lip area (vermilion), and then the red lip will be fastened again to the skin with an interior suture. This method is particularly appropriate for older patients. It has the added benefit of also removing radial wrinkles in direct vicinity to the vermilion. The incision may also be done below the nostrils at the base of the nose. This method for lip widening at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will produce a lasting result.

What is important following a lip widening?

Possible swellings and haematomas are cooled using cold compresses and will normally disappear about one week after the lip widening. One day after the operation, you will as a general rule already be able to leave the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For three days, you should exclusively eat soft food and rinse your mouth carefully after each meal with a camomile solution. After five to seven days, the threads will be removed at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. You should rest for about 14 days and refrain from doing any exercise or sports for up to six weeks.

We will inform you comprehensively in a detailed personal consultation about any potential risks as well as how we will proceed with our lip widening treatment in your individual case. Please feel free to contact us about this.


Feel free to pay for your treatment in instalments. Here you can find further information about Financing.

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