Follow-up cost insurance

We will ensure your safety. Still, any operation may be associated with certain risks. There are even cases where complications may occur for which neither you nor your doctor can be held responsible. If any corrective measures or subsequent treatment should be necessary, the safe4beauty insurance will take over the entire follow-up costs on your behalf.

A successful aesthetic operation depends – among other things – on thorough planning, the competence of the respective plastic surgeon, as well as on the reaction of your body and its ability to heal. Since 1 April 2007, following an amendment of the Health Care Reform Act, you as a patient are responsible for any subsequent treatment costs following an operation that was conducted outside the scope of the benefits catalogue of the statutory health insurances. Thanks to the follow-up cost insurance by safe4beauty, you can plan your aesthetic surgery without having to worry about finances, since the insurance will take over up to € 300,000.

Your Benefits:

  • Since 1 April 2007, safe4beauty has been closing the insurance gap (Section 52 para. 2 Social Act V – Health Care Reform Act) for anyone insured within the system of statutory health insurances, sometimes even for private health insurances.
  • Ensuring sufficient coverage of € 300,000 per insured operation, at a very affordable premium, taking any concerns about potential economic ramifications off your mind
  • Extremely fast & uncomplicated insurance protection, available at
  • Easy, flexible, and non-bureaucratic handling of each case, should complications occur
  • Insurance conditions:
    • Insurance premium: from € 69 as a one-time payment (depending on the type of operation and the chosen duration)
    • Insurance duration: 365 days starting with the day of the operation
    • Insured amount: max. € 300,000

In order to compare conditions, you can find further insurers at

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