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Abdominoplasty Data

Operating time1.5 hours
Sedationgeneral anaesthesia
Clinic stay4–5 days
Costsfrom 7,000 €*
Aftercare4–6 weeks
Stitch removalafter 12–21 days
Presentableafter 2–3 weeks
Sportsafter 6 weeks
Often combined withBreast lift, breast reduction, hip liposuction

*Prices include 19% VAT.

Abdominoplasty – much more than just an aesthetic improvement

A nicely flat, taut tummy counts among the most important hallmarks of beauty for many people. Heavy weight loss or pregnancies can cause the abdominal wall to become flaccid. An abdominoplasty will remove excess tissue and give your body a well-shaped silhouette and a tight tummy again.

Abdominoplasty is a main focus area for treatment at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It is advisable for many patients who have lost a lot of weight. But a pregnancy as well will in many cases leave behind an overly stretched and flaccid abdominal wall which makes many patients feel limited and restricted with regard to their quality of life. In most cases, neither exercise and sports nor a healthy diet will be able to influence the tautness of the abdominal wall so that many patients decide to go for a surgical abdominoplasty in order to regain more quality of life.

Beside aesthetics, there are also additional aspects which make an abdominoplasty worth considering: An extremely sagging skin may result in a skin fold at the lower abdomen, where there are often fungal infections. Another reason for an abdominoplasty are abdominal muscles that have spread apart as a result of continuous overstretching the abdominal wall.

Such spreading of the abdominal muscles gives many patients a backache and lets their posture deteriorate since they don’t have enough stability in their abdominal region.

Your Benefits of an Abdominoplasty

Vorteile, Thumbnail, Sand
  • Further education provider for aesthetic surgeons
  • At least two comprehensive before/after consultations
  • Long-standing experience, frequently conducted operation
  • Treatment method for natural results with hardly any scars
  • One and the same contact, also after the operation
  • Intensive aftercare process desired

Your Experts for Abdominoplasty

FAQ on Abdominoplasty

Who may benefit from an abdominoplasty?

If you are still in the process of losing weight to attain your desired weight level, then an abdominoplasty should only be considered after you have finished your weight loss programme and have been able to maintain your desired weight for at least 3 months. Patients should also be aware that an abdominoplasty is by no means an alternative method for reducing their weight. In order to sustainably maintain the treatment result for the long term, sufficient exercise and sports as well as a healthy lifestyle should be a matter of course even after the treatment. Should there still be pronounced weight fluctuations after the abdominoplasty, this may again lead to a sagging of the abdominal wall. Also, in cases of planned pregnancy, which constitutes an enormous strain on the female body as a whole and the abdominal wall in particular, it is advisable to conduct the abdominoplasty only after family planning is complete. 

How do we conduct an abdominoplasty?

The operation at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery lasts about two to three hours, depending on the requirements, and is conducted under general anaesthesia. To start the abdominoplasty, we make an incision just above the pubic area which will curve slightly sideways towards the top. This type of incision places the later scar in the bikini area so that it will be hardly visible. After a further circular incision around the navel, the entire abdominal wall can be lifted from the underlying musculature. If the straight abdominal muscles have separated, we will fixate them again with each other, thus creating a kind of “interior corsage”. In order to tighten the abdominal wall, we will pull it downwards and remove excess tissue. For the navel, we will fit a new opening in the abdominal wall. At the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we will harmonise the wound edges and close them with several layers of internal sutures. The scar will be completely within the bikini line.

Grafik Bauchdeckenstraffung
Vorgehensweise bei einer Bauchdeckenstraffung in der Nürnberger Klinik

What is important following an abdominoplasty?

For two or three days after the abdominoplasty, you will stay at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. After that, you should absolutely have the possibility to rest and go easy for another two to three weeks.

The first day after the abdominoplasty, you stay in bed. You will to be careful not to flex the abdominal wall, hence you will rest in a semi-sitting posture, with the legs not straight but bent slightly at the hips. During the first few days, you will feel slight pain which can be alleviated well by medication. The abdominal wall will feel tight and unfamiliar. Three days after the operation, you should start with a light and gentle exercise programme. This will help avoid swelling and mitigate the risk for thrombosis. In order to support the healing process, you will have to wear special compression underwear for six weeks, day and night.

Exercise, sports, and physical exertion are taboo during this time. During the first months, the scars may still be slightly thickened and reddened; but with time, they will flatten and become lighter-coloured. But you should not do any sunbathing or go to a solarium for about one year.

At the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we will inform you comprehensively in a detailed personal consultation about any potential risks as well as how we will proceed with our treatment in your individual case. Please feel free to contact us about this.

What is important before an abdominoplasty?

For at least 2 weeks before the abdominoplasty, you should not take any blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin nor any nutritional supplements. Drinking alcohol or smoking should be kept to a minimum or stopped entirely during that period. 

Will the abdominoplasty leave visible scars?

The scars of an abdominoplasty are comparable to those of a C-section. In only very rare cases will a larger approach from the side be necessary. If the patient will carefully look after the scar following the operation, the scars will visibly pale over time. Moreover, the scars are positioned completely inside the bikini line so that they will not be visible for outsiders.

What are the risks connected with an abdominoplasty?

Since the abdominoplasty will be performed under general anaesthesia at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the operation comes with the usual risks of an anaesthesia. After the operation, there may temporarily be swellings, wound pain, and reddening. Moreover, it is possible to experience paraesthesia (sensibility disorders), which will as a rule disappear after some time by itself. If pain should occur after the operation, it can be countered effectively by means of anti-pain medication.

Is it possible that the skin will sag again in the treated area?

At the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we create lasting abdominoplasty results. However, individual lifestyle, the natural aging process, a pregnancy, or pronounced weight fluctuations may have a negative impact on the belly and lead to a renewed sagging of the skin.

Will an abdominoplasty hurt?

After an abdominoplasty, there may be a feeling of pressure, strain, or burning, combined with a feeling of tension. This pain can be managed well with current pain medication.

Is it possible to become pregnant even after an abdominoplasty?

Yes, a pregnancy is possible even after an abdominoplasty, but this will have a negative effect on the treatment result. That’s why we recommend to wait with your abdominoplasty until you do not want to have any more children.

Is it possible to combine an abdominoplasty with a liposuction?

Yes, in order to achieve a holistic treatment result, this often even makes eminent sense.

How much does an abdominoplasty in Nuremberg cost?

The costs for an abdominoplasty at our Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery start at 7,000 €. Depending on the treatment effort, the treatment costs may, however, vary from patient to patient. We will be happy to prepare an individual cost calculation for you during a personal consultation.

You can find further information also on this website www.operation.de/bauchdeckenstraffung/


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