Thread lifting in Nuremberg

Thread Lifting at a glance

Duration1 hr
SedationLocal anaesthesia / conscious sedation
Clinic stay1 night
Costsfrom 1,500 €*
Aftercare14 days
Stitch removalno
Presentableafter 7 days
Sportsafter 6 weeks

*Prices include 19% VAT.

Immediate effect, long-lasting result

Thread lifting is an innovative, gentle method used for tightening the skin, mainly in the facial and neck areas. This is achieved by means of special threads which are inserted into the skin. These threads consist of polylactic acid, a substance that has been used for many years in heart surgery and that is particularly well-tolerated by the body.

These special threads used for thread lifting sport tiny barbs allowing them to stay in place in the subcutaneous tissue. Thus, the skin may be tightened gently. The threads remain in place and will dissolve on their own accord over time (two to three years).

In the meantime, the body’s own collagen will accumulate around the threads – i.e. precisely that substance which is so important to keep the skin tight and which is increasingly lacking in the skin due to the natural aging process. In this way, a kind of supportive collagen structure is being built around the threads which will keep the skin tight even after the threads will have dissolved.

In this way, thread lifting combines two practical advantages: an immediate effect by tightening the threads themselves, plus a long-term effect by triggering the body’s own skin tightening processes via collagen formation.

Your Benefits with Thread Lifting

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  • Local anaesthesia – laughing gas upon request
  • Precise treatment using ultra-thin needles
  • Frequently conducted treatment method
  • No lasting scars
  • Natural results thanks to modern treatment methods
  • Comprehensive consultation & planning

Your Experts for Thread Lifting

FAQ on Thread Lifting

Who may benefit from thread lifting?

Thread lifting is suitable for both men and women whose facial skin shows light to medium signs of slackening. Thread lifting can be used to particular advantage in the areas around the eyebrows, the cheeks, the nasolabial folds and the neck. On principle, this procedure is suitable for all skin types.

Thread lifting is particularly interesting for patients who do not want or are unable to have invasive procedures – such as an operation – performed on them. After the treatment, there may only be slight bruises or swelling.

In clinical studies, the self-dissolving threads consisting of polylactic acid have not displayed any indication to trigger allergic reactions. Whenever you have questions about this, feel free to contact us at any time.

How do we conduct the thread lifting?

First, we will define – together with you – the treatment objective in a detailed personal consultation. Next, the threads will be positioned underneath the skin. For that purpose, a local anaesthetic is applied to the entry and exit points (upon request, we can also administer the particularly gentle laughing gas) and the threads themselves are introduced into the subcutaneous tissue using a micro-thin needle.

The tiny barbs on the thread make it possible to fixate them at the firmer parts of the tissue. During the treatment, the face is being modelled into its perfect shape. Since the patient is fully conscious, they can give feedback right away and express their wishes. This is another benefit of this particularly gentle method.

We will advise you individually on how many threads will be required in your case, depending on your wishes. Sometimes it may make sense to progress in several steps. A thread lifting can be repeated at any time and can also be combined with other methods of facial tightening.

What is important following a thread lifting?

Since the treatment is so gentle, you will in most cases be presentable right away and can continue your normal daily routines. Rarely occurring bruising at the insertion spots can usually be effectively concealed with make-up.

However, you should move your face as little as possible during the following few days, i.e. do not show pronounced facial expressions let alone grimacing. You should avoid physical exertion, exercise, exposure to sunlight or going to the sauna for approx. 6 weeks.

A general rule: We will inform you comprehensively in a detailed personal consultation about any potential risks as well as how we will proceed with our treatment in your individual case. Please feel free to contact us about this.

What kind of threads are used for thread lifting?

At the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we use so-called PLA threads consisting of polylactic acid. This material has been used in heart surgery for many years, so it can be well assumed that the body tolerates it very well. Since the threads sport tiny barbs, these can be positioned firmly in the subcutaneous tissue, thus allowing a gentle tightening of the skin.

Which methods of thread lifting in Nuremberg are there?

In thread lifting, we differentiate between three common methods. The so-called V-Lift can be compared to a minimally invasive anti-wrinkle filler injection; this is particularly suitable for patients whose skin is only beginning to age.

During the free-floating technique, both ends of the thread are positioned in fatty tissue. The threads used in this case have a thickness of 0.2–0.3mm, i.e. significantly stronger than the threads used for the V-Lift.

The anchor lift is suitable for more obviously sagging skin areas. Here, the threads are being fixated or “anchored” in at least one point in the tissues.

When will I be presentable again after a thread lifting?

Generally speaking, you will be presentable again about 7 days after a thread lifting.

When will the treatment effect of a thread lifting be visible?

The thread lifting brings an immediate effect combined with a long-lasting result. Directly following the treatment, you will already be able to perceive the effect of the thread lifting. Since the inserted threads stimulate the body’s own skin tightening process by triggering collagen formation, the skin will even remain tight a long time after the threads will have dissolved.

Is thread lifting painful?

At Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we use a micro-thin needle to position the threads in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. In order to make treatment as pleasant as possible, we also offer further almost painless treatment methods.

What are the risks connected with a thread lifting?

After the treatment, there may be slight bruises or swelling at the injection points. In rare cases, an infection or an injury of blood vessels or nerves is possible. Also, circulation disturbances, somatosensory disorder, or permanent neuralgia may occur. At Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you will be treated exclusively by particularly experienced medical specialists who adhere to strict standards of safety and hygiene. In this way, we are able to reduce the risks of thread lifting to a minimum.

How much does a thread lifting in Nuremberg cost?

The costs for a thread lifting in our Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery start at 1,500 €. Depending on the treatment effort, these may, however, vary from patient to patient. We will be happy to prepare an individual cost calculation for you during a personal consultation.

A Video on Thread Lifting

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