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Beauty in Intimate Places: Aesthetics Without Taboo

Women have a highly sensitive relationship with their most private body parts. These intimate zones are at the centre of leading sexuality and sensuality to fulfilment and satisfaction; revealing them is proof of greatest trust and confidence. Contrasting with this importance is a wide-spread shyness about dealing with symptoms which may well be natural but still be felt to be annoying.

So it is not at all a rare occurrence that labia or mons pubis are too large or too small, either by nature or due to pregnancy or hormonal adjustments.

Since the labia fulfil important physical functions – such as closing off the genital opening, protecting the vagina against infections or drying-out – it is important that their shape and size is up to the task. What’s just as important for one’s physical well-being is that there are no irritations or troubles in everyday activities nor during sports or sex.

So aesthetical, functional and psychological factors may play a role when considering a correction of one’s intimate body parts. 

At Nürnberger Klinik for aesthetic and plastic surgery, we want to help women
(re-)develop an improved body perception, remove the cause for potentially occurring pain and enable them to live a more satisfied life taking full advantage of their femininity and sensuality.

Intimchirurgie in der Nürnberger Klinik für eine schöne Form im Intimbereich

Of course, our entire team is prepared to advise our patients on this particularly sensitive decision, providing optimum treatment, care and support.

Our treatments may sometimes even take place on an outpatient basis and comprise the following:

Pubic reduction (Monsplasty) Labia reduction Labia enlargement Clitoral tightening


Feel free to pay for your treatment in instalments. Here you can find further information about Financing.

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