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Breast Enlargement - Helping Nature Reach Fulfillment

Breasts are much more than just another body part – they are an expression of personality, directly influencing one’s sense of self value und emotional balance. That’s why women put such a great emphasis on harmonious proportions and an appealing relation between breasts and the rest of the body. But not all women are treated fairly by nature. In such cases, a breast enlargement (also known as “breast enhancement” or “breast augmentation”) can lead to new self-respect and a higher quality of life.

Small breasts are often felt to be a flaw, even though they do not represent any drawback for the body. The contours of the breasts are important as well. Rounded and/or well-shaped breasts are regarded as ideals; by contrast, a lack in firmness – even as a result of pregnancy and breast feeding – may sometimes be experienced as a blemish. In such cases, medicine may offer help and support.

At the same time, it’s important to safeguard the natural conditions. The ability for breast feeding, tactile sensitivity and healthy breast functions are at least as important as a feminine contour or even erotic charisma. It is necessary to talk about the real reasons before any corrective measures will be taken – weighing options and considering alternatives. After all, surgery need not be the only right way to reach your goals.

Once you’ve taken your decision in favor of surgery, please be assured that you are in the best hands with us – we will treat you with all our experience, tact and appreciation, respecting your feelings and caring for your individual well-being in all regards.

In the case of breast enlargement, we offer these options:

Breast enlargement by breast implant Breast enlargement by fat transfer Breast enlargement with B-Lite implant
Breastenlargement - Nürnberger Klinik


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