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Laser Data

Operating time1 hour
Sedationconscious sedation/local anaesthesia
Clinic stay0-1 day
Costsfrom 2.500 €*
Aftercare1-2 weeks
Stitch removalafter 5-7 days
Presentableafter 1-2 weeks
Sportsafter 2-6 weeks

*Prices include 19% VAT.

Highly Focused, Very Precise

During laser resurfacing therapy, very thin layers of the upper epidermis are removed in a very precise and targeted way in order to smoothen wrinkles. On the one hand, this evens out the “hills and valleys” of the creased skin (much like a surface peeling). On the other hand, the laser stimulates the skin to produce new collagen, an effect lasting several months, so that there is indeed a long-term effect: the skin becomes more elastic, looking younger and firmer.

As one may imagine, exact control during this process is essential. Modern laser resurfacing comprises high-performance, computer-controlled surface guidance, i.e. a type of scanner that “reads” the skin surface, controlling the treatment depth individually and with extreme precision.

Face without wrinkles

Interesting information about wrinkle treatment using laser

The laser treatment is particularly appropriate to deal with small wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth. Creases along the cheeks are also very responsive to laser treatment. Moreover, acne scars, moles, liver spots and other pigment spots can thus be removed. However, prior to treating a changed skin spot, a dermatologist should take a look to make sure it is not a case of skin cancer.

We’d like to discuss any potential risks as well as the treatment procedure in your individual case, explaining all details and answering your questions, in a personal consulting session. Please contact us for further information.


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