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Welcome: Get to Know Our Team

At the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you are in good hands: in terms of medicine, care, and empathy.

Dr. Baetge and our team of highly qualified, experienced and friendly nurses do anything to make you feel at ease, so that you will like to remember your stay with us – because it helped you bring your wishes to life.

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Dr. Baetge, Nürnberger Klinik, Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie

Dr. med. Baetge – Chief Physician

Medical Specialist for Surgery, Specialist for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery – Chief Physician

Dr. Vodslon, Nürnberger Klinik für Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie

Dr. MD Vodslon

Medical Specialist for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Senior Physician

Herr Ramirez Hanke, Nürnberger Klinik für Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie

Mr Ramírez Hanke

Senior Physician

Dr. Kunze, Nürnberger Klinik, Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie

Dr. med. Hans-Henning Kunze

Medical Specialist for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Trust, Competence, and Empathy: Our Team Is Always There for You

Whenever your beauty, your health, and your well-being are concerned, trust, competence, and empathy are the most important factors that guarantee success.

Our team at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will fulfil your wishes and will care for you around the clock: 24/7 – with great commitment, understanding, and lots of experience.

Our Team

How nice that you are here with us.

Welcome: at the Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The entire clinical team would like you to feel good.

From your first contact, via medical consulting and treatment, all the way to being at your side during your stay with us, we are here to assist you – and of course to answer all your questions – before, during and after your stay.


The Nürnberger Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery stands for professional competence at the highest level, for long-standing experience, the safest treatment methods, and for first-class medical care. Out quality standards are our promise to you. Our patients are and will remain our most important asset. We love what we do and we are happy when we receive a content thank-you smile. Then we can be sure that everyone really feels good in every respect.

We are looking after all patient and staff matters as well as all tasks that relate to our clinic’s discerning claim to service quality. For it is your satisfaction which motivates the entire team to continue working for the quality of our services for patients, staff, and even our vendors and service providers.

Your feedback, wishes, and compliments – for whatever area – are welcome; we’re looking forward to hearing from you, and most of all we’re looking forward to meeting again.


Our desk managers are taking care that our patients and guests are not only looked after in a medically competent way, but that they feel good in every respect. Our team will welcome you with a smile, accompany you along the way and support you in all decisions. Attentive and very personal care create an atmosphere of trust and confidence in our stylish and cultivated ambience.

Patient Care / Ward
Operating Room Staff

Our patient care and ward staff are intent on looking after each patient. As a matter of course, they are professionally trained in their area of expertise and undergo regular further training and education. We thus offer our patients quality and competence at top level. But the most important thing for our staff remains our patients’ feeling of well-being. Empathy, attentive care, and experience create a trustful and relaxed atmosphere. From the first welcome to after-treatment care, our staff accompany our patients at every step of the way and support them in all decisions. Our nurses will take the time to fulfil your individual needs so that you feel optimally taken care of and can return to your everyday activities as soon as possible.

Our operating room staff pay particular attention to the well-being of each patient. They support our doctors during each operation in a circumspect and proactive manner. Our operating room team have been working together for a long time and can thus look after your medical care perfectly, especially after treatment involving anaesthesia.

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