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Abdominoplasty in Nuremberg

Abdominoplasty Data

  • Duration 1,5 hours
  • Sedation general anaesthesia
  • Clinic stay 4-5 days
  • Costs from 6.500 €*
  • Aftercare 4-6 weeks
  • Stitch removal after 12-21 days
  • Presentable after 2-3 weeks
  • Sports after 6 weeks

Abdominoplasty | Nürnberger Klinik

Abdominoplasty - Much More Than an Aesthetic Improvement

Abdominoplasty (also called “tummy tuck”) is a very frequent procedure. It may be worthwhile if the abdominal wall has become flaccid and visibly sagging, e.g. after pregnancy or heavy weight loss. This condition may be a particular burden because this “skin skirt” will in most cases defy even dedicated athletic training and resist being tightened by a conservative approach.


The most important prerequisite for having an abdominoplasty: thanks to a healthy diet and exercise, you should already have reached your ideal weight. For if you continue losing weight after surgery, the freshly tightened abdominal wall may become flaccid again. Of course you should also be capable of keeping your weight; otherwise, you run the risk of overly stretching your abdominal wall.

For this same reason you should embark on an abdominoplasty only if you do not plan any (further) pregnancy.

We’d like to discuss any potential risks as well as the treatment procedure in your individual case, explaining all details and answering your questions, in a personal consulting session. Please contact us for further information.