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The female Breast - Epitome of Natural Beauty

Hardly any other body region is charged emotionally to such an extent as the female breast, perennially remaining in the focus of intense interest. It is a symbol of femininity and eroticism. And it is a prerequisite for the future of mankind, since the female breast feeds the next generation, safeguarding the continued existence of human beings all over the world. That’s a lot of responsibility for a part of the body which is regarded as vitally important and formative in many regards.

So it is hardly surprising that women themselves pay a lot of attention to the shape of their breasts – regarding them all too often with a critical eye.

In fact, the range of female breast shapes and sizes reaches far beyond commonly shared beauty ideals – which in turn results in many natural breast shapes being judged as less beautiful than others. Too big, too small, asymmetrical, drooping – there are many shapes women don’t feel are ideal. Adverse emotional effects are not a rare occurrence. Fortunately enough, current medical procedures have the potential to alleviate and correct these.

This doesn’t necessarily have to involve surgery. Depending on the individual situation and symptomatology, different routes may be taken to come to terms with oneself and one’s appearance.

We are offering treatment notably in these situations:


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