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Different Glances to the Behind

Nature has provided a number of different basic shapes (some of them sporting palpable descriptions alluding to apples, pears or peaches), and also the differences in size are a function of the respective anatomy. At the same time, the ideas about an aesthetically ideal butt size are quite divergent, especially regarding regional and cultural predilections.

Fortunately, such differences can be moderated. So when someone is not feeling at ease inside their body because they think their behind does not have an ideal shape, they may takes us up on our offer of making the shape of their behind come closer to their ideal.

In most cases, such shaping of the bottom (gluteoplasty) will take the form of a gluteal augmentation (also called buttock augmentation or sometimes butt lift). For this, we offer several methods:

Different routes to a larger behind



Which methods for attaining a more perfect gluteal shape are the most promising in your individual case is something we’d like to discuss – together with any potential risks, explaining all details and answering your questions –, in a personal consulting session. Please contact us for further information.