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Hyperhidrosis treatment in Nuremberg

Hyperhidrosis Data

  • Operating time 1 hour
  • Sedation local anaesthesia/conscious sedation
  • Clinic stay 0-1 day
  • Costs from 750 €*
  • Aftercare 1-2 weeks
  • Stitch removal after 5-7 days
  • Presentable after 1-2 weeks
  • Sports after 2-6 weeks

Hyperhidrosis treatment | Nürnberger Klinik

No Need for Strong Perspiration

Increased sweating/perspiration is called hyperhidrosis; this condition can have many causes, some of them neuronal, some hormonal. In some cases, no cause at all can be found. This “gratuitous” perspiration on hands, soles of the feet or armpits is often a burden to those afflicted. Some even shun social contacts, they feel excluded and may have undergone several treatments without getting help. A promising way to deal with hyperhidrosis is a botox treatment.

Interesting information about hyperhidrosis treatment

A hyperhidrosis treatment using botox is particularly appropriate for treating heavy armpit perspiration. Botox is a natural protein produced by several clostridium bacteria strains. If it gets into the body, it will block the transmission of neuronal impulses.

Please note: Botox is not suitable for treating excessive perspiration on hands or feet. In case of muscular or neuronal diseases and during pregnancy, botox must not be administered.

We’d like to discuss any potential risks as well as the hyperhidrosis treatment procedure in your individual case, explaining all details and answering your questions, in a personal consulting session. Please contact us for further information.