Schamhügel­verkleinerungPubic Reduction
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Pubic Reduction Nuremberg

Pubic Reduction (Monsplasty) Data

  • Operating time 1 hour
  • Sedation conscious sedation/local anaesthesia
  • Clinic stay 0-1 day
  • Costs from 2.500 €*
  • Aftercare 2-4 weeks
  • Stitch removal no sutures
  • Presentable after 1 week
  • Sports after 4 weeks

Pubic Reduction (Monsplasty)

For More Harmonious Proportions

The pubic mound (also called mons pubis or mons veneris) consists of subcutaneous fatty tissue. As a cushion for the pubic bone, it fulfils an important physical function. But due to hormonal changes, the fat depots located here can grow, so that the mons pubis becomes unduly obtrusive, especially underneath tight clothing or when going swimming.

Interesting information about pubic reduction (monsplasty)

This body region cannot be changed to any great extent by means of dieting, activity, sports or training, even massages will not effect any changes.

So if a reduction of the pubic mound is desired, it can be brought about by a gentle surgical procedure during which the surplus fat will be removed.

We’d like to discuss any potential risks as well as the treatment procedure in your individual case, explaining all details and answering your questions, in a personal consulting session. Please contact us for further information.