Schamlippen­verkleinerungLabia Reduction
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Intimate Surgery, Labia Reduction in Nuremberg

Labia Reduction Data

  • Operating time 1 hour
  • Sedation local anaesthesia/conscious sedation
  • Clinic stay 1 day
  • Costs from 2.600 €*
  • Aftercare 1-2 weeks
  • Stitch removal no sutures
  • Presentable after 1 week
  • Sports after 6 weeks

Labia Reduction | Nürnberger Klinik

Well-Being May Well Be a Matter of Size

Too big labia (so called labial hypertrophy) can have a genetic cause; but the tissue may also become lax after giving birth so that it appears to be enlarged. This may regard both the inner and outer labia (labia minora and labia majora).

Interesting information about labia reduction

Often, the enlarged labia are afflicted by as it were mechanical problems, i.e. they are irritated by brushing against underwear or even getting pinched (especially by fashionably tight thongs, bikini panties or athletic pants). Sports like bicycling or riding become an issue, even sitting down my sometimes become a burden. Of course this also affects the desire to have sex. In these cases, help is needed, and fortunately enough, it is also possible.

For women whose enlarged labia have a genetic cause, labia reduction may constitute the first step towards new self-confidence. Women who are at odds with the changes brought about by giving birth may find their way back to a “younger” body perception. Activities formerly avoided can be fun again, a new zest for life can grow and develop.

We’d like to discuss any potential risks as well as the treatment procedure in your individual case, explaining all details and answering your questions, in a personal consulting session. Please contact us for further information.