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A Smooth Approach

The words “abdomen”, “belly” or even “tummy” have a hard time, since they tend to suggest a prominent curvature – which in general perception does not come across as particularly attractive.

However, the belly as a so-called “problem area” may not at all be the result of laissez-faire. Nature itself sets the conditions, e.g. during pregnancy, when the female abdomen has to undergo extreme stress – and the results will often resist all activities and defy being flattened back to their original state.

Even those who have reduced and stabilised their weight following all good advice, including will-power, discipline and care, a healthy diet and enough exercise, will often face a new problem: the skin has not regressed sufficiently, and ungainly flaccid skin remains.

Even with intense training of the abdominal muscles it is often not possible to re-tighten this flaccid dermal tissue.

What abdominal tightening can do

This is where surgical abdominal tightening comes into its own in order to help those concerned regain their familiar body feeling, making them literally feel good inside their skin again.

According to the individual situation, we can offer these treatments:


Following our medical responsibility, we are one of the few clinics exclusively utilizing internal sutures. Although this represents a considerable effort, this is time well spent for the benefit of our patients: wounds will heal more quickly and more smoothly, the areas where surgery was performed become practically invisible. Visually, this is important not only when wearing a bikini, but more important still are the health benefits.

Please contact us – we’ll be happy to advise you on all options open for you.